Welcome to the Auto Pinterest Marketer JV Members area and thank you for partnering with me for this launch.  I pulled out all the stops to make this as profitable a launch as possible for all JV Partners and affiliates.  I am sure it will be an awesome one for all of us.

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LAUNCHING:  18 May 2012, 09:00 EST

(Mark it down on your calendars NOW)


Queue your emails so that it goes out as close as possible to this time for maximum conversions.  If this launch is anything like my previous launches, conversions and total EPC will be very high, especially the first few days.

How you will get paid: (Sales funnel Layout)

I pay instant PayPal commissions to all affiliates on 3 integrated offers. All customers will get the option to buy OTO1 and OTO2.  They can buy all 3 offers, that means high total EPCs for you.  I cross promote and even have follow up emails to promote the OTOs, so their conversions will be very high.  I launch this as a WSO through WarriorPLUS and also on my normal salespage through JVZOO.

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1. MAIN OFFER (Software and Training videos):

PRICE:  $15.95 – $19.95

Commissions:  70%

2.  OTO1 (Top Niches on Pinterest and how to benefit with them + 5 day email course)

PRICE:  $9.95

Commissions: 50%

3. OTO2 (Pinterest Video Course + BONUS audio course)

PRICE: $13.95

Commissions: 50%


See you on the leaderboard,

Bertus Engelbrecht

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