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This product will be launched at the same time on 2 different salespages through 2 platforms – as a WSO through WarriorPlus and also through my normal salespage with JVZOO.  You can promote either one, although I recommend you promote through WarriorPLUS as I have found that conversions are much higher due to the social proof the WSO thread provides.

You have to request for the affiliate links of ALL the offers below, if you want to get commissions on the OTOs and upsells as well.


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WarriorPLUS request links:

(Request for all of them.  Promote the Main one’s link, after you got approved)


1. MAIN OFFER (Software and Training videos):


2.  OTO1 (Top Niches on Pinterest and how to benefit with them + 5 day email course)


3. OTO2 (Pinterest Video Course + BONUS audio course)




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JVZOO Request link:

(Apply for both, but promote the first one’s link.)

Front end offer and OTO1:






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