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FROM: Bertus Engelbrecht  (WF: bertuseng)

Hey there JV Partners,

I want to invite you to the launch of my brand new product, Auto Pinterest Marketer, which is an awesome Pinterest software, and Videot Training product, stacked with value and at a no-brainer price.

There are some AWESOME JV PRIZES up for grabs for this launch and with a proven sales letter and product launch formula this is guaranteed to get you some awesome conversions and high EPCs.  I also have some high converting SWIPE emails in the JV AREA so that you can just plug them in and profit.

My previous software, Auto Facebook Marketer, had conversions of over 16% and EPCs of over $3.00 for affiliates and I hope to top that this time with my new software Auto Pinterest Marketer, that is a complete automated software that markets on the hot new social networking site, Pinterest, on autopilot.

I packaged it with full video tutorials, awesome bonuses, with some valuable One Time Offer upgrades and pay commissions on all of them.

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How you will get paid: (Sales funnel Layout)

I pay instant PayPal commissions to all affiliates on 3 integrated offers. All customers will get the option to buy OTO1 and OTO2.  They can buy all 3 offers, that means high total EPCs for you.  I cross promote and even have follow up emails to promote the OTOs, so their conversions will be very high.  I launch this as a WSO through WarriorPLUS and also on my normal salespage through JVZOO.

1. MAIN OFFER (Software and Training videos):

PRICE:  $15.95 – $19.95

Commissions:  70%

2.  OTO1 (Top Niches on Pinterest and how to benefit with them + 5 day email course)

PRICE:  $9.95

Commissions: 50%

3. OTO2 (Pinterest Video Course + BONUS audio course)

PRICE: $13.95

Commissions: 50%



If you sign up as an official JV PARTNER today, you get full access to JV Members area where you will find:

 Free review copies (conditions apply)

SWIPE emails  and affiliate tools

Access to affiliate links

JV Prizes!!!!

Sales Page

EARLY notifications and updates

My Private Contact details

And MORE….


Look at the STATS of some of my previous WSO launches:

Conversions for my AFFILIATES for my previous Front-End WSOs products:

Wondering if my OTO’s and Upsells convert?  Look at my previous Facebook WSO:

But do ALL my products convert this well?


Have a look:



See you on the leaderboard,

Bertus Engelbrecht



5 thoughts on “JV Invite

  1. I have bought some of Bertus work, and am impressed by how he is right up front there on the big topical internet marketing issues of our day, particularly of late in the Social Bookmarking Space. I’ve signed up for the launch, and am looking forward to putting Auto Pinterest Marketer through its paces – and to getting some winning results all round. Dont you just love ‘win-win’ scenarios…

  2. I’ve been buying Bertus’s products and promotions for a long time. The thing is that everything he builds or promotes is quality. Otherwise I would have got off his list a long time ago. I actually look forward to opening his emails. Thanks for all you do Bertus, you’ve been a great friend.
    Morris Murphy (Murph) momurph on the warrior forum

  3. I have been a customer of Bertus and have been impressed by the quality of his offerings and their relevance. So much so that I have decided to promote this launch as its sure also to be high quality. Pinterest is a hot topic and a fascinating social platform – we all need to understand it better and leverage its capabilities for marketing. Looking forward to this launch…

  4. I am confused! I bought this a few weeks ago, under the email manofvalor91@yahoo.com, But, never could login, but, did get a jv affiliate, but, no link….I want to use the software to promote my businesses….Help me do this

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