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Check out some of the awesome prizes that I have for you.  The contest runs for the first 7 days after launch. If you look at the minimum sales required for them, you will see that ANYONE can grab these prizes, even affiliates with smaller lists.  Hope to see YOUR name on the leaderboard soon.

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(No minimum sales limit.)

Solo email to my 10,000+ IM Subscriber list ($150 value)


TOP EPC for 1st 7 days of launch:

(20+ sales)

Solo email to my 10,000+ IM Subscriber list ($150 value)


MOST SALES in first 7 days of launch:

1st PLACE:

(75+ sales)

$300 + ALL THE HONOR ;)

2nd Place:

(50+ sales)

$200  + Bragging Rights


3rd Place:

(30+ sales)

$100 + Bragging Rights


4th  Place:

(No minimum sales limit.)

$50 + Bragging Rights


5th Place:

(No minimum sales limit.)

$40 + Bragging Rights



FREE lifetime access to Auto Pinterest Marketer Software + OTO1 + OTO2



Make sure you read the terms for each prize.  The minimums are set really low, so its easily attainable for smaller affiliates as well.  If you are placed in the top 3, but don’t have the minimum sales needed to win the prize, you will still win the smaller prize, where you DO meet the limit.  This shouldn’t be a big issue, as all minimum sales were met in all my previous JV Contests.


See you on the leaderboard,

Bertus Engelbrecht

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