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I will update this area with Swipe emails that you can use for your promotions.  Use it as it is or as a template for creating your own unique email copy.   Also feel free to use any of the Youtube videos that I created for your promotions.  If you want to use images, you are welcome to. (Check my sales page at: http://autopinterestmarketer.com to copy and paste any product graphics.)


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————————-SUBJECT LINES——————————–

Download your NEW software…

New PINTEREST Software is LIVE!!

It’s FINALLY live!! [Dimesale, hurry...]

Earn HUGE profits on Pinterest while you sleep?

*Secret* Pinterest Software earns $$$ on demand…

Pinterest + Total automation = Pockets full of money?

Breakthrough Pinterest bot creates viral traffic…

NEW Pinterest Software drives VIRAL traffic and increases profits…


—————EMAIL #1  BODY (short email)————————-

Hey there,


I just discovered something AWESOME for you…


A BRAND NEW Pinterest software has JUST gone live

as a dimesale!




This software automatically drives viral traffic to your

offers and generates sales while you sleep.


Grab it quickly, while the price is still SUPER low:




Yours in success,






——————————–EMAIL #2 BODY——————————–

Hey there,


I just discovered an awesome NEW Pinterest software that will

blow your mind…


This “SECRET” new software can market your offers and products

on Pinterest on autopilot.


Check it out NOW (dimesale):



You just press a few buttons and it can PIN targeted images,

repin, follow people, like people and more  to drive viral

traffic and generate huge profits on autopilot.


I have seen software like this before, but this one has WAY more

features, performs better and is priced at a fraction of what

other related software cost.


Cash in with PINTEREST now:



Yours in success,



P.S.  This offer won’t be around for long at this crazy low price,

so take advantage of this early bird offer right now:





—————————-EMAIL #3 BODY——————————–

Hey there,


As you may know, Pinterest is currently one of the hottest new

ways to drive traffic to your offers, products and websites….


This new social media site is one of the fast growing sites on the

internet ever, and if you are not using it to benefit your business,

you are simply leaving too much money on the table.


Today, I have found a BRAND NEW software that will market

your site on Pinterest on autopilot.  Yes, you can now make money

while you sleep, because you just press a few buttons and let it run.


It will generate traffic and increase your profits automatically.


Check it out HERE:

==> Insert link


This new automation software is full of functions and

can do the following on autopilot:

- Pin images targeted to keywords from flickr.

- Repin images related to keywords.

- Follow people related to keywords

- Like keyword targeted pins

- Fill in descriptions/ links to your offers

- and more…


Grab this now, before this crazy offer gets pulled:



Yours in success,



P.S.  There is also an awesome FREE bonus for fast movers,

so take advantage of this offer now.







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